I’m a huge fan of taking advantage of modern resources to streamline my life and provide more time for the things I really care about. Mint is a perfect solution to ease stress and streamline monotonous tasks.

When I first started tracking my expenses, I found myself spending extensive time checking my bank statement and creating spreadsheets. I swear this is not an ad, I simply love this product and it saved me so much time and effort. It also comes with the added perk of providing me with articles and tips to improve my personal finance knowledge even more.

Have you heard of Inuit’s app, Mint?

Mint makes money management a complete breeze. It’s free to sign up and it only takes a few moments to connect all of your bank accounts, credit cards, loan accounts, and investment accounts. It’s owned by Intuit, Inc., which is the same name behind Quickbooks and Turbo Tax.


Every time you open Mint, your financial data is updated automatically. It shows your financial information in a sleek and user-friendly web interface, with eye-catching and easy-to-read graphs.

Mint will help you the most with:

  • Budgeting your money
  • Creating money-related goals
  • Monthly free credit score update
  • Online bill pay option ( I’ve never personally tested the online bill pay so I can’t attest to it)
  • Aggregating all of your financial data in one easy to view place.


Mint’s features in further detail

When you open the app, Mint’s summary page shows you a quick glance at your financial summary.

What you’ll see on the home screen:

When you view home screen you’re met with your last three recent transactions, with an option to click further to view ‘all transactions’.

Scroll down to the next section and you’ll see a suggested offer tailored to your spending habits and account information. For example, they’ll let you know that you’re spending 80% more than average people on your car insurance, and then they’ll recommend better options for you.

Next, you’re met with the total of ALL of your connected accounts in a quick summary seen as:

  • Cash:
  • Credit Debt:
  • Investments:

 You then see:

  • Your next bill payment
  • Credit score, updated monthly
  • Monthly budget, as a graph
  • Spending segments, as a graph with an option to look further into spending habits across segments and across months

Then, you see what I view as the most important part:

  • Cash Flow viewed as:
    • monthly amount earned
    • monthly amount spent
    • your monthly net income.

There are options to click further into each of the segments I’ve described above.

If you’re interested in tackling your personal finance goals, or even having a better understanding of your money habits, I HIGHLY recommend this app. I’ve been using it for about 2 years and I can’t speak highly enough about it. I recommend it to everyone.

I hope Mint helps you as much as it helped me 🙂

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