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Somewhere along the way, we began to say things like good things don’t come easy. Rather than considering that sentence as a guiding light showing us that sometimes change is hard, we held onto it as a mantra that we planted in our deepest of values.

Because of this, good things haven’t come easy for humans for some time.

Most people have lived their lives fighting, suffering, and struggling their way through life. Accepting the mantra that good things don’t come easy, believing that it must be the way it is.

But now, we’ve seen enough examples of how our thoughts and emotions dictate whether good things come effortlessly or whether good things come through force and struggle.

Now that we’ve learned our lesson, it’s time to shift, and this massive shift starts with you and me.

This article runs through the danger of this mantra, and it includes two exercises to use if this mantra is held deep in your being (which it presently is for most people who haven’t done the work to reverse it).

The danger of ‘good things don’t come easy’

What this mantra of, “good things don’t come easy” has done, is create a belief that we mustn’t consider a thing good unless we suffer for it.

And because we all crave to have “good things”, we then create a life that is a struggle so we can get the “good things” we crave.

“Work is hard, relationships are hard, and life is hard” all become our new mantras. Because, if it weren’t hard, then it wouldn’t be good, would it?

Let’s not forget to consider the small miracles in life that the “good things don’t come easy” mantra destroys.

What about that random day that pops up with nowhere to go and no one to see? Because the moment came without work, we don’t consider it as good. Instead, we consider it as unfinished. We call friends, think of errands, and fill our day to the point where we are exhausted at the end, because let’s remember our mantra, good things don’t come easy.

We wind up creating a whole life where we do not even consider a day as “good” unless it is hard. And we so quickly lose sight of the grace that comes with flowing through unscheduled moments of peace.

Additionally, this has had a significant part in constructing a whole society that believes we must suffer to succeed.

So, people suffer to succeed, and many people live an extremely hard life and are constantly suffering, regardless of the level of success they achieve.

This mantra will seep its way into every area of your life. And its power to create negative experiences in your life entirely depends on how much energy/focus you’ve given this mantra over time.

Breath is a key to shifting any tightly held mantras

If you’ve found this post through the omniminds Instagram community, then you’ve probably heard me speaking about the power of conscious breathing.

Part of the reason why I speak so often about the topic is that conscious breathing is a significant key to rewriting subconscious programming. 

When you learn the art of observing your breath, you are granted the power of passively observing your thoughts as well.

As you begin the practice of observing thought, you are quickly taught that thoughts do not create emotion unless we hold onto it and give it life-force energy.

Said simply, thoughts need our conscious focus to come to life. Thoughts are not real until you choose to focus your life-force energy on them and make them real. 

Thoughts can be happenings that float through the mind as the wind floats through the sky. It is not until we take hold of that wind, keep it all in one place, and force it to circle around and around that it eventually turns into a destructive tornado.

Whenever a thought is held onto, or a mantra is repeated, it turns into a force of creation. And what is created will be equal in significance to the emotion associated with the thought that created it.

Can you imagine what the “good things don’t come easy” mantra has created in your life or the life of those around you? Can you think of someone in your life who thinks this, and observe how their life is playing out?

Can you also imagine what might manifest if you shift that mantra to one that better serves you?

The mantra for how we speak about life creates our perception of life

The choice to look at life as hard, or the choice to look at it as a neverending school full of opportunities for growth, is a decision we make daily.

Do you find yourself saying life is hard? Do you find yourself repeating that good things don’t come easy?

If you do, I invite you to replace this mantra with either of the below two exercises.

Exercise 1:

Lfe is a neverending opportunity to grow and evolve, and how I experience the process of growing is a choice I have the power to make. I choose to grow with grace. I choose to grow with power. I choose to grow with patience. I choose to grow with love and reverence for life, including loving all of its opportunities to evolve.

When you say this to yourself, if it is difficult to believe, I invite you to repeat the below invocation to yourself when you feel that life is hard and you catch yourself thinking that good things don’t come easy.

Screenshot it and save it to your notes, write it in your journal, record it in your voicenotes – however you need to, I invite you to save it for when you need it the most…

Exercise 2:

Abundance is my birthright. I do not have to struggle to get good things. Sometimes in the process of attracting ‘good things’, I must change what is inside of me that’s not aligned with what I desire. I know growing/changing seems hard at first, but all I have to do is center myself, take one step forward, and trust that I will receive grace as I move toward the other side. I trust this process. I know that change is only hard if I choose to make it so, and that if I surrender to what is being presented to me, I can find grace in this invitation to change. I choose to grow in grace. I choose to grow with love. I choose live with a reverence for every opportunity I am given to evolve. I am not given anything I cannot handle. I choose to live on the path of least resistance. I choose to accept that which comes and let go that which needs to go. Abundance is my birthright, and I am calling it in on the path of least resistance. The things that once caused me to worry, now remind me of my power. The things that once made me stressed, now remind me of how peaceful I have become. I am capable. I am powerful. I am worthy. I am love. I am light. I am peace. I am grace. And so it is.

Now, let’s shift

Part of what’s necessary to shift is practicing radical self-honesty. With the deepest analysis of your Self. Does this mantra exist in you in any way?

What did you answer when I asked if you believe good things don’t come easy?

It’s okay if this mantra is in you. It’s a natural way of being in our society today. But this natural way of being is causing humans to struggle through life instead of thriving through life.

If this mantra exists as a deep value within you, you will face strong resistance toward accepting the present moment, and you will likely live searching for what’s wrong in all moments.

If this has hit you, I invite you to use one of the exercises I shared above every time you feel that things have gotten hard. Repeat it over and over. Write it. Be it. Make it your own. And then, let me know how it works for you 🙂

Let’s shift, let’s rise, and together, let’s create a society where good things come because abundance on all levels is our birthright, not because we struggled enough to receive good things.

Sending you so much love.

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