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I can remember sitting on my couch at seven years old, praying for the right words to flow through me to help one of my family members with their pain. And in that moment, I remember receiving the guidance to trust that the right words will flow through when I speak.

Maybe I understood the guidance in the moment, maybe not, but I’ll never forget that first time of feeling the chills of truth running through my body. That moment forever stands in my heart as an early glimpse of what I would later dedicate my life to.

This practice of praying for the right words to flow through me is something I did for the rest of my childhood and into my teen years. Even in my most unaware, disconnected (and brutal) teen years, I still found myself in huddles at my soccer games, praying for the words to light a fire in my teammates’ hearts.
I can’t remember a time in my life, where I didn’t have an insatiable desire to bring out the divinity in others. But, to say I was good at it my whole life would be FAR from truth. Most of the time, this desire left me (annoyingly) trying to fix every problem presented, without real awareness of how to truly help another heal.
My first attempt at trying to help others heal, was when I received my health coaching certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I loved the program. But when I started taking 1-on-1 sessions, all clients kept asking me for were meal plans… and all I could think was, “a meal plan isn’t going to solve the pain of your mother’s abuse, which is what really drives you to eat bad food”.
Client after client, I saw that ailments and food habits stemmed from much deeper issues than I could comprehend at the time. The issues I was bringing up in my clients, were issues I wasn’t yet equipped to manage as a 23-year-old filled with knowledge about holistic nutrition.
Additionally, the issues I was bringing up in others often mirrored repressed issues I had not yet dealt with. This forced me to realize that I couldn’t help others until I learned to heal the pain I was holding deep within myself.
So, I stopped taking on nutrition clients and dove deep into my own journey of healing and evolving, while still searching for a method I could use to help others heal. The next 5 years of my life was spent in so many dark nights of the soul, so many days meditating, so much studying, journaling, and researching, and so many days being FAR from who I really am to get to this point I’m at today.
In my 5 years of research, I didn’t understand how the things I was studying would help me (energy healing, emotional intelligence, neuroscience of positive psychology, ancient wisdom, quantum phsyics, epigenetics). I wondered if I’d spend the next 10 years of my life getting a PHD in physics, neuroscience, or psychology… until found NLP. [ still tryna’ get that phd though 🙂 ]
NLP is a healing modality that uses the neuro-linguistics of the conscious and subconscious mind to help people create lasting change by reframing beliefs, habits, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve them. It removes any mental programming that gets in the way of growth and teaches people how to replace the old programming with the life-story they’ve always wanted to live.
My personal initiation to this work called for me to dive into the depths of my darkness, analyze it, obsess over it, and then (finally) accept it so I could do the work to rewrite the script. To put it simply, I went INNNNNNTO the darkness and used NLP to shoot into the light.
This was my process of learning the art of alchemizing darkness to light. I had to understand the depths of my own darkness and pain so I could hold space for those who are ready to transcend their pain.
I see life as this beautiful dance that sometimes calls for us to break down so light can come through stronger than before.
I’m here to help people live it, be in it, feel it, accept it, and learn to love, play, and express themselves freely in this delicate dance of life. NLP is the foundations of the healing modality I am currently using in my work of others heal & step into who they’ve always known they could be.
Watch and read NLP tactics and intuitive healing talks via @sarahcirigliano_ instagram page and this website.

Sending you so much love — Sarah

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